Classic Shemagh Military Scarf

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The Shemagh Scarf is of Arab origins and was originally intended to provide protection in desert conditions against sun, wind, sand & the cold at night. Used by Military the world over but also great for Airsoft, Hiking, Festivals or anyone who wants protection against the elements.

First used by British Special Forces operating in Northern Africa during WW2 but now a mainstay with the British Army and many others worldwide.

This highly versatile piece of kit also has many uses:

  • Head Wrap - Protects your neck, eyes against sun, snow, wind, dust & sand.
  • Face Veil - Conceal your entire face
  • Wear as a Scarf - Keeps you warm in the cold or wicks away moisture & protects against the sun in the heat.
  • Can be used as a shelter / sunshade to guard against the sun while resting.
  • Can be used to carry gear 
  • Makeshift sling to support a wounded arm.
  • Use as a towel or flannel


  • Square shape measuring 32 x 32 inches.
  • Made of 100% cotton.
  • Chequered pattern
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