Bushrag Ghillie Camo Kit w/ 6 Colours & Head Net

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The Bushrag Camo Kit weighs in at over 4 ounces. It comes with six colours of dyed jute / burlap material, netting for your head, instructions and is intended to be used to camouflage a single piece of head gear and weapon system.

Bushrag ghillies are the best available: they provide unequaled concealment from target's eyes during daylight as well as through night vision goggles. Ideal for professional users or civilians alike.


  • 4oz. of Jute / Burlap
  • Supplied with 6 woodland camo colours; 3 different shades of Green, Tan, Brown & Black
  • Includes head net
Brand: bushrag
Colour: Woodland Camo
SKU: 351460