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Bushrag Ghillie Suit Kit: Do it yourself and save!

Bushrag Ghillies are the best available: they provide unequalled concealment from the target's eyes during daylight as well as through night vision goggles. The BUSHRAG is a ghillie suit kit that comes complete with seven colours of jute/burlap, body and head netting, directions and fire retardant application. Requires you to put the suit together yourself. This does take time but saves you a lot of money and as the saying goes: if you want something done well, do it yourself.

  • Designed for an upright stalk.This kit can also be made into a military-style ghillie suit for crawling stalks.
  • Features 6x3 body net and the 1 & 1/2 head
  • Brand: Bushrag
  • Colour: Woodland Camo
  • SKU: 351350
  • MPN: BR-UL-1WD

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