Brynje Super Thermo Balaclava

by Brynje
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Brynje Super Thermo Balaclava with Mesh Lining

The Brynje Super Thermo Balaclava has been designed for use in a wide range of temperatures between -30°C and 20°C. It's lightweight, warm and has excellent moisture wicking abilities to keep you dry all day long. The material is also quick-drying so great for keeping clean in the field or dry out after some rain.

The Brynje Super Thermo range has been made to meet the requirements of military users and has been field tested by the Norwegian Special Forces to ensure performance. The secret to its superb performance is a simple one...air! There really is nothing better at insulting while breathing and staying dry. Brynje understands that keeping warm means keeping dry and that's why they prioritised moisture wicking above all else; The mesh layer moves excess moisture away from the skin while maintaining a cushion of air next to the body for warmth. Unlike with other materials, the moisture leaves quickly stopping your shirt from becoming sodden and keeping you warm. This is great for temperature regulation and is the reason why Brynje has become so popular.

  • Versatile, works over a wide range of temperatures
  • Widescreen design
  • Can be used in the extreme cold
  • Outer: Dense fabric with 100% Polypropylene
  • Lining: 100% Polypropylene-Mesh 
  • Brand: Brynje
  • Colour: Black or Green
  • Weight: approx. 80 grams
  • SKU: 632700
  • MPN: 10407000

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