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Bolle X800 Tactical Goggles X800i

The Bolle X800 have been trusted by professionals for close to 20 years. Widely used by both military and police the whole world over and with good reason; Protection, performance and affordability. With a protection rating of STANAG 2920 they are also ideal for airsoft. Compatible with all types of helmets; The fully adjustable headband ensures the perfect fit whether worn on the head or over a helmet. The X800 is also fitted with an easy-to-change panoramic lens that allows a full 180-degree field of vision. Fogging is also greatly reduced thanks to the unique ventilation system; Fully vented across the top and bottom of lens allowing maximum airflow to pass through.

Supplied with Clear Lens only but Smoke Lens also available as an optional extra for use in bright sunlight.

The X800 goggles offer a high level of ballistic protection making them an ideal choice for military, police and security professionals but also great for airsoft.

Ballistic Resistance STANAG 2920

Clear lens : V50 199 m/s (716 km/h)

The ballistic resistance STANAG defined by NATO ensures compliance with standards ballistic protection for military of Bollé Tactical eyewear. Each lens and each screen suffer the impact of a steel cylinder equivalent to a 0.22 calibre of up to more than 275 m/s or 990 km/h.

The STANAG standards are recognized in all member countries of NATO.

Mechanical risk- High-speed particles at extreme temperatures - T

The letter T, immediately after the mechanical strength symbol, authorises use for high-speed particles at extreme temperatures.

Mechanical risk- Medium energy impact - B

Medium energy impact, resists a 6 mm, 0.86 g ball at 120 m/s

Risks relating to radiations - UV Protection - EN 170 - (2-1.2, 2C-1.2)

  • The protection filters ultraviolet radiation.
  • This type of protection is particularly recommended during activities where the source of ultraviolet radiation is predominant, such as mercury vapour lamps, actinic or germicides.
  • Levels of application: 2-1.2, 2C-1.2
  • Lens colour: Clear, blue, yellow or green. Adding the code "C" indicates good colour recognition by the holder
  • Anti-scratch, anti-fog coatings
  • Panoramic field of vision
  • Ballistic PC lens
  • Ultra Ventilated frame
  • Bi-material comfort frame
  • Brand: Bolle Tactical
  • Frame Colour: Black
  • SKU: 371350
  • MPN: X800i
  • EAN: 3660740002749

Anti-fog coating

The anti-fog coating allows you to work in optimal conditions by removing the effect of condensation that occurs when there are large temperature differences or when wearing non-ventilated frames.

Anti-scratch coating

The anti-scratch coating acts as a shield that improves the resistance of lenses and reduces the formation of scratches. It lengthens the life of the lens and improves user comfort, preventing any scratches that could impair vision.

Coating - Resistance to fogging - N

The anti-fog coating N is an anti-fog treatment certification.

Backed by a 1-Year Guarantee against faults with the materials and workmanship. During this period UKMCPro will repair or replace the item as we deem required. Normal wear and tear not covered.

    Bollé Protection guarantees the buyer against all manufacturing defects affecting the goods and accessories, within the limit of the price of the aforesaid damaged goods and accessories, to the exclusion of all direct or indirect damage caused by this defect.

    The following is not covered by the Bolle guarantee:

    • Scratches caused by use
    • Cracks due to poor use
    • Breakage due to use
    • Lapse of the guarantee
    • Removal of the side protective shell
    • Poor care of the glasses (heat, cleaning ...)
    • Non-exhaustive list.

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