Bolle Tactical X1000 Dual Lens Goggles

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Ideal for reinforced total protection. With its double lens, X1000 provides ballistic resistance to over 275 m/s, more than 990 km/h, and ultra-effective anti-fog resistance thanks to its exclusive Equalizer technology. Equalizer is the high performance goggle system for protecting against fog. Thanks to its double lens and regulation patch, the equalizer filters and regulates moisture levels in the goggles.

The newest generation of Low Profile Ballistic Goggles, the Bolle Tactical X1000 adapts to your every need. With its choice of easily Interchangeable Lenses they can provide an option in varying light conditions, supplied with Clear Ballistic Lenses. Perfectly suited for use while wearing a helmet, offering comfort, adaptability and protection; Weighing in at only 96g these Ballistic Goggles excel at being worn for long periods of time.

Fogging of the lens during use in humid / wet conditions or high energy operations is an issue that every Ballistic Goggle needs to combat. This is best done in the most simple and yet effective way; Vents located at the top and bottom of the frame to allow superior airflow through the Goggle which aids in reducing fogging. The vents are also mesh covered to stop debris, dust and sand being able to pass through.

Integrated in the Headstrap you have a Microfibre Lens Protector; Can be used to prevent scratches or other damage to your goggles while they are stored in daysack, gun cases or when not in use on your Ballistic Helmet. Simply pull the cover around to cover the lens when not in use.

Can vastly increase the lifespan of the goggles, reduce the number to replacement lenses used and is a real plus for anyone looking the best value for money from their Eye Protection.


  • Inter-changeable lenses which can be adapted for use with or without prescription glasses.
  • All lenses are 3mm, are certified according to the STANAG 2920 standard, V50 greater than 205m/s impact anti-fog and anti-scratch polycarbonate.
  • Clear lens: v50 275.4 m/s (992km/h)
  • The X1000 is certified to the STANAG 2920 standard with a ballistic resistance higher than 221 m/s, this truely makes the X1000 the ideal goggle for extreme situations.
  • Fits all helmets.
  • Small size and pivoting strap ensuring an excellent fit and a panoramic field of vision.
  • Supplied with shell case with belt loop.
  • 80mm + microfibre lens protector.
  • Weight: 96g.
  • KRATON (thermoplastic rubber) frame - very high heat resistance.

Quality Guarantee:

Built to last and backed by a 1 Year Guarantee.

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