Blackhawk Neoprene Knee Pads

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The advantages of neoprene are plain and simple: extreme comfort and total discretion, and these Blackhawk Neoprene Pads are the best!


  • Closed-cell foam padding provides excellent shock resistance and little or no moisture retention.
  • Textured outer contact patch for durability and secure grip.
  • Interior grip patch and contoured ledge.
  • Unique dual-secure straps ensure pads stay on during critical missions.
  • Available in Black, Coyote Tan and Olive drab. 
  • The shape of the design is perfectly formed to provide high levels of comfort and total freedom of movement; Allows for natural movement of your knee thus increasing speed.

The Blackhawk Neoprene Knee Pads are designed to remain comfortable during long hours of use and to operate in total silence. Secured by 2 Velcro adjustable leg straps that will not lose tension even during high energy operations and Interior grip patch and contoured ledge help prevent pad from slipping downward or sideways.

SKU: 809100