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Serving you for over 25 years🏆 All orders shipped same day if placed before 3pm, Monday to Friday
Serving you for over 25 years🏆 All orders shipped same day if placed before 3pm, Monday to Friday
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3M Peltor WS SportTac Bluetooth; Connects to Smart Phone

The WS SportTac Bluetooth has been developed by 3M Peltor for hunting, shooting or military use and allows you to connect to your hunting radio or smartphone via Bluetooth. Once connected you can take calls or even listen to music. But don't worry, these are not just an expensive set of wireless headphones...allows you to better control what you hear – and don’t hear. You can easily adjust the volume of surrounding sounds, filter out certain unwanted frequencies and still be protected from harmful noise levels when the shot is taken.

A level-dependent hearing protector meaning it listens to the surrounding but attenuates loud harmful noise. The headset attenuates 26 decibels and has surround microphones that capture external sound with great accuracy. The sound is analyzed at ultra-high speed before it reaches your ear. Weak sounds are amplified while noise, including sudden loud noises like a gunshot, is attenuated to a harmless level. The unique digital sound circuit reacts instantaneously, protecting your hearing but so softly so that you rarely hear the clip as the protection is activated.

Designed for a long time comfortable use. This is essential as any form of distraction may affect your performance no matter if you are on the shooting range or during active Hunting. A softly padded leather headband provides a snug comfortable fit over the head. The low, two-point fasteners allow an even distribution of pressure over the whole cushion area, to help ensure the earmuff stays in place even during sudden head movements or when positioning the weapon. All to help ensure you’ll have no problems staying focused.

The well positioned, sensitive microphones combined with large angled speakers have been carefully designed to provide a sound that is as natural as possible. Sounds are reproduced in full stereo, allowing you to detect exactly where they are coming from. But not only that. Weak sounds can be amplified up to four times compared to your normal hearing allowing you to better hear the game approaching or your dogs barking at a greater distance. A special equalizer function makes it possible to cancel out certain frequencies to help better hear exactly what you want. You can also adjust the stereo balance to adapt if you, for example, have a hearing impairment in one ear.

A clear and reliable communication between fellow hunters and Gamekeepers is an outstanding way to boost safety and ensure that for example the number of tags is not exceeded. Peltor™ WS SportTac™ can easily be connected to various types of communication radios via a wide range of specifically designed accessories. The built-in Bluetooth circuit now also allows for a completely wireless connection with your cell phone or another communication device with Bluetooth. The phone can remain silenced in your pocket and only you will hear when you get a call. You can even stream audio in stereo from your phone or MP3 player over the Bluetooth link and listen to your favourite music if it gets too boring at your post.

  • Wired or wireless connection via stereo Bluetooth® to hunting radio or mobile phone
  • Supplied with green and orange shells
  • Level dependent function for ambient listening
  • Sound limiter and dosimeter
  • Integrated noise cancelling microphone
  • Foldable
  • Stainless steel headband with leather head pad
  • Ghost voice guided interface
  • Configure menu
  • MPN: MT16H21FWS5
  • Attachment(s): F-band
  • Audio Input: Yes
  • PTT on cup: Yes
  • Battery lifetime(h): 11h / 100h
  • Brand: 3M Peltor
  • Product Type: Ear Defenders, Comms
  • Colour: Green/Black
  • SKU: 115830
  • EAN: 7318640054240

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