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BLACK SALE | Save on Selected Products Sitewide 😎
BLACK SALE | Save on Selected Products Sitewide 😎
Tax Free Sales

Tax free sales

Are you located outside of the UK?

At UKMC, we work with a wide range of customers based in various locations around the globe. Many of our customers are entitled to Tax Free Sales as they are based outside of the EU, be if for personal or business use. Unfortunately, our website does not have the ability to remove tax from purchases and the process has to be handled manually by our staff. You can rest assured that we will never charge you more than you need to pay.

Located outside the EU?

If you are based outside of the EU, then you are entitled to Tax Free Sales at UKMC. All of our prices are displayed including 20% VAT (as required by UK law) and our website unfortunately lacks the functionality to remove this tax from your order. UKMC will never charge you tax when not required and all invoices shipped with your order will be displayed correctly (not showing tax). Our website will charge you tax initially, however, so the best solution we have is to not charge you shipping on your order and use the the money you have paid in tax to cover your shipping charges instead. In most situations, we find that this is enough to cover the shipping in full but we may have to contact you in rare cases where the shipping cost more than 20% (percentage of tax charged) of your order total. If the shipping costs less than you have paid in tax, we will refund any difference regardless of how small. So please note, that while our website shows Free Shipping to certain countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA, this is not really the case and simply the best solution we could find to stop having to charge you for both and then refund the Tax.


Certain BFPOs are eligible for VAT Free Sales, these BFPOs include: All BFPOs outside of the European Union (EU): that includes all Afghan BFPO addresses, Canada, Kenya, Brunei, etc.. Unfortunately our website cannot automatically remove the 20% VAT but we will manually refund it back to you the very next working day. 

German BFPO Addresses: While German BFPOs are eligible for VAT Free sales they do require that you submit a VAT Exemption Form, because of this our website cannot remove the VAT automatically. Please email us at and we can have one sent straight over to you, it does require a signature by your CO but saves you 20% so it is well worth while. The easiest way to do this, unfortunately, is to pay in full and then we can refund you your VAT once you have completed the VAT Form. Once you have completed the form & returned it to us it stays active on your account and can be used for all future deliveries to that BFPO number. No need to submit the form each time you order.

Shop in confidence with UKMC, regardless of where you are in the world.
We understand the varied needs of our internationally based customers & work hard to ensure we meet them all head on.

B2B Customers

Are you buying for a business?

UK Based Customers


At UKMC, we have been working closely with UK based companies and the government for over 20 years. During this time we have developed an understanding of your needs and are able to provide a fast & efficient service. If you are interested in purchasing any of our gear in larger quantities, then the best way to progress is to email us here: Our expert staff will be able to provide a quote within 24 hours (excluding weekends). When purchasing in the UK, you are required to pay VAT but can reclaim it in some cases.

UK Based Customers


If you are buying for a company based outside of the UK but inside the EU, then you are entitled to Tax Free Sales with UKMC. Unfortunately, our website cannot remove the tax from your order automatically so please email us here: Our expert staff will be able to provide a quote within 24 hours (excluding weekends). Discounts are available when purchasing in larger quantities.

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