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About us

Our Story

For over 20 Years now, UKMCPro has worked with a single goal as the driving force behind our company direction; To supply top quality Military Equipment at a cost that is not only competitive with other companies but also to supply exclusive products with our trademark high quality customer service.

Starting as a Military Surplus retailer in the mid 90s, we moved on from the reselling of used equipment in the early 2000s to focus entirely on selling modern and new gear from the many up and coming designers and suppliers that had started to fill the marketplace due to the War on Terror's drive into the Middle East. Our printed catalogue became a must have for any Squaddie, Police Officer or PMC to carry with them and as early adopters of Online Selling our website grew to replace the Print version. Now serving customers online, via Phone and in our Portsmouth Store we hope to use our years of experience to help supply you with the information you need to pick the right kit for the job. Our close ties with the British Military and UK Police Force have given us a unique advantage when building the ranges we sell, whereas some companies are forced to take a chance on trying to guess what the average Soldier may need, we have sustained a network of trusted customers who keep us in the loop on what may be missing from the equipment of our serving professionals. This gives us the rare opportunity to supply the items that will be in demand in the future rather than be left a step behind.

''Be Ready for Action''

Over 25 Years Experience

With over 25 years experience of working alongside established brands and companies, it has become one of our major focuses. A Shop like ours is only as good as the quality of the gear we sell so we find it important to keep an eye on what's new on the market and if the products we sell have an enduring quality that we'd be proud to sell to our professional users. With our returns policy we try to look at the problems a customer has faced with a human face rather than a set of binding warranties and guidelines that do not always take into account the variety of things that can go wrong in the less hospitable parts of the World. Murphy's Law exists, after all!

Over the years we've had the opportunity to work closely with local Police departments supplying equipment directly to them in bulk amounts to help kit out Officers with specialist gear. We've also helped with the private sector including Private Military Contractors and several Anti-Piracy Operatives. It's not all been entirely professionals, we're also proud to have supplied equipment to the British and American film industry and have had our gear featured in movies including 'Casino Royale/Quantum of Solace/Skyfall', 'Children of Men', 'The Dark Knight', 'Edge of Tomorrow', 'World War Z' and 'Saving Private Ryan'. On the TV side we've helped with 'Midsomer's Murders', 'Band of Brothers' and 'Doctor Who'. At UKMC we hope to continue serving both our Loyal Customer base and the trained Elite who entrust us to sell them quality gear that will last the test of time. We hope that you too can trust us to get you the gear you need and find a Professional Solution to any problem you may have.

20 Years Experience | UKMC Pro


As a company that caters to professional customers, nothing is more important to us than quality. We guarantee that all of our products are fit for purpose.


We understand that we operate in a highly competitive market that offers multiple options to the consumer. Because of this, we work hard to ensure our prices are the best around.


We are proud of the service we offer & aim to provide the best customer experience possible, from order to arrival. Our trained staff have an excellent knowledge of the brands we sell & are always willing to help.