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Wildo Campware & Accessories | UKMCPro


  • Wildo Fold a Cup | UKMCPro
    Original Price £2.99
    Current Price £2.60

    WILDO ORIGINAL FOLD A CUP | Folding Camping Mug, 250ml

    13 reviews

    It started with an idea for the perfect product. Now, more than 35 years later The Original Fold-A-Cup® is a classic, found all around the world....

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  • Wildo Fold a Cup | UKMCPro
    Original Price £3.49
    Current Price £2.90

    WILDO FOLD A CUP BIG | Folding Camping Mug or Bowl, 600ml

    5 reviews

    Let’s make a great product even greater! The Fold-A-Cup® Big is designed to fit The Original Fold-A-Cup® in its center even when its folded. The ...

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  • WILDO ADVENTURER 4-PIECE MESS KIT | Plastic Camping Tableware Set | Olive Green | UKMC Pro
    Original Price £10.99
    Current Price £9.40


    The Wildo® Adventurer Kit contains a range of specially selected cups and bowls in a variety of sizes and styles, together with the popular Wildo...

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  • Wildo Pathfinder 3 Piece Mess Kit | UKMCPro
    Original Price £7.99
    Current Price £6.80

    WILDO PATHFINDER 3-PIECE MESS KIT | Plastic Camping Tableware Set

    The Pathfinder Mess Kit by Wildo includes all the utensils you need for a simple meal outdoors; fine dining in the best surroundings. Comes compl...

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  • Original Price £3.19
    Current Price £2.40

    WILDO CAMPER PLATE FLAT | BPA Free Plastic Camping Plate, 15.5cm

    A flat plate that has been made from human-safe plastic for outdoor use The WILDO Camper Plate FLAT is an ideal outdoor plate. It has a good grip...

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  • Wildo Spork KFS | UKMCPro
    Sold out
    Original Price £1.69
    Current Price £1.40

    WILDO SPORK | One-Handed Camping KFS, Knife Fork Spoon

    2 reviews

    The Wildo® Spork is the hybrid utensil where you get all your cutlery in one and still have a good grip. Zip your soup, hook your food, just turn...

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  • Sold out
    Original Price £2.29
    Current Price £2.20

    WILDO KASA ARMY | Pear Shaped Camping Mug, 300ml

    1 review

    The Wildo Kåsa Army was inspired by the style of the classic Swedish Army mug. Its pear shape, gives you a nice grip and makes it easy to hold. I...

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Wildo Campware & Accessories

Wildo are driven by the belief that all people are entitled to more nature. Deep forests, high mountains and open waters. Simply more outdoors. Proven under Swedish conditions for decades, their campware is made to be trusted. Anywhere and everywhere! LEARN MORE

Wildo Camping Accessories

Wildo think it should be easy to just pack your gear and head outside! And so did Ingvar Svantesson in 1979. He decided it was time to improve the conditions for hikers, campers and all other outdoor enthusiasts, by reducing camp wear to a minimum. Function was crucial to the design. It had to be as lightweight, durable and as compact as possible.

Ingvar shared his vision with Jan Andersson, a former captain in the Swedish Army. Jan understood that this type of product needed to work even in the most primitive conditions. Together they introduced a new age of tableware and accessories to the outdoor world. Ensuring high standards regarding quality and material along with respect for the human and environmental resources, the duo decided to manufacture the products in the local surroundings of there home, Borås, Sweden. Now more than 35 years later this is still one of their prime guidelines.

In 2011, the company was handed over to Erik Andersson, Jan’s son. Still located in Borås, Sweden, the company was officially named Wildo®, honouring everything that’s wild about them and the WILD Outdoors. They are combining the many years of experience with innovative ideas to create the Wildo® you can see today.