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Virus Protection | UKMC Pro

Virus Protection and Prevention

This collection consists of all products we stock to aid in the prevention and spread of viruses and germs. From face masks and face coverings to visors, hand sanitiser and thermometers, all selected to help keep clean and protected. Plus all those little items that can come in handy too like sealy bags and wet towels.

  • PM 2.5 Reusable Face Mask with Replaceable Filter | UKMC Pro

    PM 2.5 Reusable Face Mask with Replaceable Filter

    Original Price £4.49
    Current Price £2.30
    18 reviews

    This reusable, washable face mask with a replaceable filter protects against particles up to 2.5 microns in size. In comparison, the thickness of a...

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  • BCB Snap-Seal Bags (Pack of 10) | UKMC Pro
    BCB International

    BCB SNAP-SEAL BAGS | Clear, Reusable Water Tight Bags, Pack of 10

    Original Price £3.99
    Current Price £3.30

    A set of ten clear water tight resealable bags that can be reused many times BCB's strong, clear resealable bags are ideal for the secure storage...

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  • Unbranded

    Reusable Forehead Thermometer

    Original Price £1.99
    Current Price £1.60

    These liquid crystal thermometers are reusable and designed for use on the forehead area only . An ideal way to estimate the core body temperature ...

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  • END BCB Personal Protection Pack (PPP) | UKMC Pro
    BCB International

    BCB PPP | Personal Protection Pack for Viruses

    Original Price £19.99
    Current Price £9.64
    2 reviews

    The Personal Protection Pack (PPP) is designed by and for all front liners. It contains the essentials to protect those who put themselves at risk ...

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