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Survival Blankets & Emergency Bags

  • Highlander

    HIGHLANDER EMERGENCY SURVIVAL BAG | Bivi with Printed Instructions

    Original Price £4.99
    Current Price £3.20

    A PVC survival bivi bag made for emergency use with survival instructions printed on the exterior. PVC survival bivi bag for emergency use Can be...

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  • BCB International

    BCB EMERGENCY SLEEPING BAG | 160 Gauge Polythene, Clear

    Original Price £4.49
    Current Price £4.10

    A clear Polythene survival sleeping bag for emergency use This medium gauge, full size, polythene sleeping bag has been created for emergency or ...

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  • BCB International

    BCB PRINTED SURVIVAL BAG | Emergency Sleeping Bag, Orange

    Original Price £3.09
    Current Price £2.50

    An emergency sleeping bag with printed instructions on the exterior Printed Survival Bag in a bright highly visible orange, with survival instruc...

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  • US Army Alumunium Coated PVC Survival Blanket | UKMCPro
    Sold out

    US Army Aluminium Coated PVC Survival Blanket

    Original Price £26.95
    Current Price £21.90

    This blanket is designed for emergency use and can increase/maintain body temperature in cold weather. Lightweight; Can be packed and taken almost ...

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