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Military Scarves, Shemaghs & Scrim Nets

For many a year & through many a conflict shemaghs and other military scarves have been a major part of all uniforms. Take your pick from our large range of military scrim nets & shemagh scarves designed to keep you warm, protect against the wind, guard you against the sun or even help camouflage you out of sight. Our headovers & snoods are produced by some of the top brands in the market, no compromise is made in quality and all will stand up to the test of field use.

With free delivery to UK* and BFPO addresses, picking one up has never been easier, regardless of your location.

  • Bushcraft Neck Cooling Scarf | UKMC Pro
    BCB International

    BCB NECK COOLING SCARF | Infinitely Reusable with Polycrystals

    Original Price £3.49
    Current Price £2.90
    3 reviews

    A reusable cooling scarf that soaks up water to release via evaporation The Bushcraft Neck Cooling Scarf is a simple but effective body cooling p...

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