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Olive Green Military Clothing, Gear & Accessories

Every single product listed in this collection is available in a plain green colour. The now traditional olive green colour can be described as a deep green colour with a hint of yellow. Many variants have been used over time so there will always be slight differences in tone between each brand we stock; Olive drab uses a grey instead of yellow to create a flatter olive colour which has now become the standard in modern times. Olive green combat uniforms, trousers and other accessories have been used the whole world over by the military and even law enforcement personnel in certain situations. But it's not only professional users that adopt olive green as their colour of choice, also popular for hunting, hiking and a wide range of other outdoor uses. Olive green naturally conceals you in woodland, tropical and most other green dominated outdoor environments. At UKMC we offer a wide range of webbing, clothing, bags, camping equipment and much more. We prioritise brands to ensure that quality is never an issue and all of our products are fit for purpose. Top brands such as Bulldog Tactical Gear, Snugpak, Carinthia, Pentagon Tactical, Mechanix Wear and many more.

  • MIL-TEC HEAVY DUTY DRY BAG 30L | PVC Waterproof Liner, 28cm x 66cm | UKMC Pro

    MIL-TEC HEAVY DUTY DRY BAG 30L | PVC Waterproof Liner, 28cm x 66cm

    Original Price £17.99
    Current Price £15.50 INC. VAT

    Heavy duty drybags made from tough PVC material with roll-top and quick release buckle closure 100% waterproof, tough and versatile; Can be used ...

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