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BLACK SALE | Save on Selected Products Sitewide 😎


Multicam, MTC Camo Clothing, Gear & Accessories

Originally created by Cry Precision and now a global leader in camouflage, Multicam changed the way most internally forces selected their patterns for uniforms. Before Multicam, most camouflage was specifically created to suit the environment in which it would be used. Multicam changed this by introducing a multi-terrain pattern that could blend into most backgrounds and quickly became the camo of choice for special forces, armies all over the world.

British MTP Camo

On the back of Multicam's big success, the British Army asked Cry Precision to create a new pattern for their use; MTP was born and replaced DPM as the camo of the British Forces. MTP shares many similarities with Multicam but some changes were made to the shapes, with a tip of the hat to their original DPM camo.

Nowadays you have many camos that look similar to Multicam, MTP by brands such as Mil-Tec, Viper and more. These are compatible with their counterparts but do not match exactly so if you want all your clothing and gear to perfectly match, please ensure you stick to the same brand.

  • NEW BRANDIT MILITARY MOLLE RUCKSACK | with Side Pouches, 66L | Olive Green | UKMC Pro


    from Original Price $39.00
    from $33.00

    A 66 litre backpack with MOLLE on the exterior, a narrow profile and two side pouches The Brandit Military MOLLE Rucksack offers a total capacity...

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  • SALE Mechanix The Original Gloves Multicam | UKMC Pro
    Mechanix Wear

    MECHANIX THE ORIGINAL | Men's Touchscreen Capable Tactical Gloves

    Original Price $25.00
    Current Price $19.00
    27 reviews

    Men's breathable tactical gloves with touchscreen compatibility The Original® Glove by Mechanix Wear revolutionized the hand protection industry w...

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  • SALE Viper Elite Tactical Fleece Hoodie Titanium Grey | UKMC Pro
    Viper Tactical


    Original Price $27.00
    from $20.00
    84 reviews

    Viper's best selling mid-layer offers warmth and quality in equal measures The Elite Tactical Fleece Hoodie by Viper is our best selling mid-laye...

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  • SALE Brandit Windbreaker with Fleece Lining Olive Green | UKMC Pro

    BRANDIT WINDBREAKER | Hooded Outer Layer with Fleece Lining

    from Original Price $51.00
    from $43.00
    30 reviews

    A water-resistant hooded outer layer with a warm fleece lining This fleece lined windbreaker by Brandit has been created for winter, spring or au...

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