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Medic Pouches, Medical Pouches

Select your next MOLLE Medic Pouch, Medical Pouch from UK based UKMC. Our wide range provides both belt or MOLLE mountable pouches, or holders, that offer extensive internal organisation for storing all your first aid or medical essentials while on the move. LEARN MORE

MOLLE, Military, Tactical

Ideal for professionals such as military or tactical users but also great for hiking, outdoor, travel, airsoft and much more.

  • Bulldog Micro Medic Pouch Black | UKMC Pro
    Bulldog Tactical Gear

    BULLDOG MICRO MEDIC POUCH | Zip Mesh Pockets, MOLLE, 10cm x 14cm

    Original Price £8.99
    Current Price £7.70
    4 reviews

    A compact MOLLE compatible medic pouch with two internal mesh pockets This compact little medic pouch (14 x 10 x 5 cm) is ideal for attaching to ...

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  • Bulldog Tear Away MOLLE Panel | UKMCPro
    Bulldog Tactical Gear

    BULLDOG TEAR AWAY MOLLE PANEL | Rip-Off Mount for Pouches

    from Original Price £8.99
    from £6.43
    4 reviews

    Allows any compatible pouch to be torn away from its mounted position without undoing the MOLLE Bulldog's Tear Away MOLLE Panel enables the user ...

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  • Bulldog Tear Off Medic Pouch | UKMCPro
    Bulldog Tactical Gear

    BULLDOG TEAR OFF MEDIC POUCH | MOLLE Utility Pouch, 14cm x 20cm

    Original Price £19.99
    Current Price £14.52

    A MOLLE compatible medic pouch which can be torn away from its mounted position This medic pouch attaches to MOLLE but can be torn-away/ripped of...

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  • END Bulldog MOLLE CMT Medic Pouch | UKMCPro
    Bulldog Tactical Gear

    BULLDOG CMT MEDIC POUCH | Clamshell Opening, MOLLE, 17cm x 19cm

    from Original Price £17.99
    from £12.87
    2 reviews

    A comprehensive MOLLE medic pouch with clam shell opening and extensive internal organisation The CMT Pouch by Bulldog Tactical Gear has been des...

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  • Mil-Tec IFAK MOLLE Pouch Coyote | UKMCPro

    MIL-TEC IFAK MEDIC POUCH | Individual First Aid Kit, 16cm x 21cm

    Original Price £17.99
    Current Price £15.10
    1 review

    A vertically mounted MOLLE first aid pouch with a fast access double zippered opening The IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) MOLLE Pouch by Mil-Tec ...

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  • Blue Force Gear Boo Boo Pouch | UKMCPro
    Blue Force Gear

    BFG BOO BOO POUCH | Blue Force Gear MOLLE Utility Pouch, 10cm x 10cm

    Original Price £39.99
    Current Price £35.40
    1 review

    A compact and ultra lightweight MOLLE utility pouch that has a multitude of uses As its name implies, the Boo Boo Pouch was designed to hold non-...

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  • Maxpedition FRP First Response Pouch Black | UKMC Pro

    MAXPEDITION FRP | First Response Pouch, MOLLE/Belt, 15.2cm x 22.9cm

    Original Price £49.99
    Current Price £45.50
    2 reviews

    The FRP First Response Pouch is an updated interpretation of the traditional blow-out medical pouch. It has an interior paracord adjuster used to...

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