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Camping Mats, Self Inflating Mattresses, Sleeping Pads

Anyone who has spent a night sleeping outdoors without a good camping mattress or sleeping mat will tell you how important they are. Our sleeping bag mattresses enable the user to get a good nights sleep without costing you the earth. LEARN MORE

Sleeping Bag Mats

Folding mattresses & rolling mats are usually compact and easy to carry but the professional's choice is always a compact self-inflating mattress; These not only pack down to smaller sizes but also provide superior comfort compared to traditional camping mats. As standard, our 60 day hassle free return policy* ensures that in the unlikely event that you are unhappy, we have you covered.

  • German Army Military Field Mattress | UKMCPro

    German Army Military Field Mattress

    Original Price £21.95
    Current Price £17.10
    4 reviews

    This dual function sleeping bag mat has been a favourite with the German army for many a year; Unfolded it will insulate you from the ground, folde...

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  • Highlander Base Self-Inflate Pillow HMTC | UKMC Pro

    HIGHLANDER BASE SELF INFLATE PILLOW | Camping Headrest, 40cm x 20cm

    Original Price £7.99
    Current Price £6.50
    1 review

    A self-inflating camping pillow for outdoor use The Highlander Base Self-Inflate Pillow is a compact, lightweight headrest that is designed for ...

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  • BCB Bushcraft Sleep-Lite Folding Sleeping Mat | UKMCPro
    BCB International

    BCB SLEEP-LITE FOLDING SLEEPING MAT | Foam Camping Mattress, 180cm

    Original Price £19.95
    Current Price £17.40
    2 reviews

    A folding, compact & comfortable sleeping bag mat that fits inside most rucksacks for easy carry The Sleep-Lite Mat has been made specificall...

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  • Mil-Tec Self-Inflating Neck Pillow | UKMCPro

    MIL-TEC SELF INFLATING NECK REST | Camping Pillow, 52cm x 20cm

    Original Price £6.99
    Current Price £6.50

    A ergonomically shaped self-inflating camping neck rest with a small pack size This robust self-inflating neck rest has been created for camping ...

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  • Thermarest Trail Lite Sleeping Pad | UKMC Pro

    Thermarest Trail Lite Sleeping Pad

    Original Price £64.95
    Current Price £58.10
    3 reviews

    The Trail Lite self-inflating mattress offers an outstanding combination of comfort, compactness and value making it one of the best all-around cam...

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  • Highlander NATO Roll Mat Green | UKMC Pro

    HIGHLANDER NATO ROLL MAT | Foam Sleeping Mat, 185cm x 55cm

    Original Price £10.99
    Current Price £9.50

    A quality foam roll mat that provides excellent levels of comfort while still remaining lightweight Perfect for comfortable and lightweight trave...

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