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Knife Pouches, Tool Pouches

Looking for a new knife pouch? Or maybe a tool pouch or multi-tool pouch? Then you're in the right place. Our extensive range is sure to provide with an option to suit your needs. Belt mounted knife pouches, MOLLE knife pouches; Our versatile range offers a solution to every problem.

Belt, MOLLE, Military

By prioritising brands such as Bulldog Tactical, Brandit and more, we ensure that quality is never an issue.

  • Bulldog Small 1x1 Elastic Adapt Pouch MTC | UKMC Pro
    Bulldog Tactical Gear

    BULLDOG SMALL 1x1 ADAPT POUCH | Versatile Elastic Holder, 6cm x 10cm

    Original Price £4.99
    from £3.48
    2 reviews

    An multi-functional elastic single pistol mag pouch that can be mounted on to MOLLE, worn on a belt or attached with Hook & Loop The Small 1x...

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  • BRANDIT TACTICAL POUCH | Utility Dump Pouch, 20cm x 13cm | Black | UKMC Pro

    BRANDIT TACTICAL POUCH | Utility Dump Pouch, 20cm x 13cm

    from Original Price £8.99
    from £7.90
    3 reviews

    This highly versatile dump pouch can be used for storing a wide range of items The Brandit Tactical MOLLE Pouch is a highly versatile pouch can b...

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  • Pouch for Glock Entrenching Tool | UKMCPro
    Sold out


    Original Price £10.99
    Current Price £9.70
    1 review

    Made specifically to be used with the Glock Entrenching Tool and provides convenient storage plus light protection. The multi-purpose loop on the...

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