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Khaki Outdoor Clothing & Military Equipment

All products in this collection are available in khaki colour. For many a year now Khaki has been considered to be the best performing colour in hot weather. Described as a beige colour that borders on white, khaki has been linked to military, hiking and outdoor clothing for generations. Used mainly in the desert, this light brown variation can conceal you while also reflecting sunlight to keep you cooler than most other colours. At UKMC, we stock a wide range of khaki clothing including bush shirts, field shorts, cargo trousers and more. We also provide a wide range of gear including rucksacks, bags, pouches and more. With such a wide range, you are sure to find something to meet your needs.

  • Mil-Tec Recon Headover | UKMCPro

    MIL-TEC MULTI-FUNCTIONAL HEADOVER | Lightweight, Stretchy Snood

    Original Price £3.19
    Current Price £2.80
    1 review

    A lightweight and stretchy versatile snood that can also be used as a scarf, hat, headband and more The Recon Headover is a multi-functional head...

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  • NEW Pentagon BDU 2.0 Trousers Black | UKMC Pro

    PENTAGON BDU 2.0 PANTS | Men's 7-Pocket Rip-Stop Cargo Trousers

    Original Price £27.99
    Current Price £22.81
    17 reviews

    A affordable yet quality pair of men's cargo trousers with a seven pocket layout and a modern cut The Pentagon BDU 2.0 Trousers, or Pants, have b...

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  • Mil-Tec Classic US Army Boonie Hat | UKMCPro

    TEESAR CLASSIC US ARMY BOONIE HAT | Cotton Rip-Stop Bucket Hat

    from Original Price £7.99
    from £5.15
    4 reviews

    This replica of the now classic US Army Boonie Hat offers superb value for money. Designed for use in hot weather with vent holes located on both s...

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  • Pentagon

    PENTAGON ROGUE HERO PANTS | Men's 7-Pocket Tactical Chino Trousers

    Original Price £44.99
    Current Price £41.50
    6 reviews

    Men's chino trousers with seven pockets, a modern cut for a fashionable look and 2-way stretch fabric for comfort These men's Chino style trouser...

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  • BRANDIT PURE VINTAGE TROUSERS | Men's Cotton Canvas Cargo Pants | Beige | UKMC Pro

    BRANDIT PURE VINTAGE TROUSERS | Men's Cotton Canvas Cargo Pants

    from Original Price £37.99
    from £33.50
    3 reviews

    Men's vintage cotton canvas cargo trousers with a classic loose fit  The Pure Vintage Trousers by Brandit are heavy-duty cargo pants with vintage...

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  • Highlander M65 Combat Trousers Khaki | UKMC Pro

    HIGHLANDER M65 TROUSERS | Men's Lightweight Cargo Pants

    Original Price £24.99
    Current Price £17.90
    5 reviews

    Classic utility trousers with cargo pockets made in lightweight rip-stop fabric These hard wearing combat trousers have been made in 100% cotton ...

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  • NEW HIGHLANDER LEGIONNAIRES CAP | with Neck Shade & Ear Protector | Khaki | UKMC Pro

    HIGHLANDER LEGIONNAIRES CAP | with Neck Shade & Ear Protector

    Original Price £6.49
    Current Price £5.20
    1 review

    A classic cap with neck shade and ear protector Neck shade with ear protector Stiffened curve peak Elasticated fitting for improved comfort ...

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  • D.Five Slim Fit Cargo Trousers Grey | UKMC Pro
    Defcon 5

    D.FIVE SLIM FIT CARGO TROUSERS | Men's Cotton Canvas Combat Trousers

    Original Price £29.99
    Current Price £27.90
    1 review

    Modern slim fit cut cargo trousers made from cotton canvas material The Slim Fit Cargo Trousers by D.Five (previously known as Defcon 5) have bee...

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  • Plain Short Sleeve Cotton Crew Neck T-Shirt Khaki | UKMCPro
    Fruit of the Loom


    Original Price £3.49
    Current Price £3.00
    3 reviews

    A 100% cotton short sleeve t-shirt in plain khaki This high-quality Fruit of the Loom Valueweight plain short sleeve t-shirt is great for militar...

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  • Highlander Large Canvas Pocketed Backpack 16L Olive Green |

    HIGHLANDER POCKETED WEB BACKPACK | Vintage Canvas Rucksack, 16L

    Original Price £13.99
    Current Price £10.80
    8 reviews

    A vintage styles cotton canvas pocketed backpack with a capacity of 16 litres An army style large canvas rucksack bag. It features one main compa...

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  • BCB International

    BCB NECK COOLING SCARF | Infinitely Reusable with Polycrystals

    Original Price £3.99
    Current Price £2.50
    3 reviews

    A reusable cooling scarf that soaks up water to release via evaporation The Bushcraft Neck Cooling Scarf is a simple but effective body cooling p...

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  • NEW

    PENTAGON ZAKROS CAP | Men's Quick Drying Folding Baseball Hat

    Original Price £10.99
    Current Price £6.89

    A quick drying cap with laser cut vent holes that can be folded away and kept in your pocket The Pentagon Zakros Foldable Cap has been made from ...

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