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Army & Military Hats

In need of a military hat or other general army headwear? Then you are in the right place. Our wide range of boonie hats, bucket hats & caps are made to perform in every condition or environment & designed for professional users. Be it for use in the Arctic or Iraq we have an option for you; beanie hats & watch caps for use in extremely cold weather or mesh army hats and bush hats for hot weather use.

Military Headwear, Army Headwear

With top brands such as Magpul, Brynje, Tru-Spec & Mil-Tec you can be sure our hats, snoods & shemagh scarfs are all fit for purpose & no compromises have been made in their construction. All this from your leading UK based military store, UKMC Pro. As standard, our 60 day hassle free return policy* ensures that in the unlikely event that you are unhappy we have you covered.

  • Bulldog Tactical Gear

    BULLDOG LIGHTWEIGHT HEADOVER | Multi-Functional Military Snood

    Original Price £2.99
    Current Price £2.20
    9 reviews

    A lightweight, breathable and comfortable multi-functional headover The Lightweight Military Headover by Bulldog Tactical Gear is multi-functiona...

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  • Mil-Tec Recon Headover | UKMCPro

    MIL-TEC MULTI-FUNCTIONAL HEADOVER | Lightweight, Stretchy Snood

    Original Price £3.19
    Current Price £2.80
    1 review

    A lightweight and stretchy versatile snood that can also be used as a scarf, hat, headband and more The Recon Headover is a multi-functional head...

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  • Mil-Tec Multi-Functional Fleece Headover Green | UKMC Pro

    MIL-TEC LITE FLEECE SNOOD | Multi-Functional Face Covering Headover

    Original Price £3.99
    Current Price £3.20
    1 review

    An ultra comfortable multi-functional snood with a partial fleece construction for additional warmth This highly versatile headover can be used a...

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  • Sold out
    Bulldog Tactical Gear

    BULLDOG FLEECE HEADOVER | Multi-Functional Military Head Scarf

    Original Price £3.99
    Current Price £2.90
    3 reviews

    A warm and comfortable multi-functional fleece headover for cold weather use The Fleece Military Headover by Bulldog Tactical Gear is multi-funct...

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