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SUMMER SALE | Save up to 15% on 1,000s of items sitewide 😎
SUMMER SALE | Save up to 15% on 1,000s of items 😎

Tactical Lights & Military Head Torches

At UKMC Pro, your leading UK based gear shop, we offer a large range of LED torches & head torches for professional users including but not limited to military, police & private security. Tactical torches or tac lights that have many versatile features that also lend themselves well to everyday carry (EDC), hunting, airsoft, work or any other outdoor use. From high power military torches to discreet personal lights, our range provides an option for all lighting conditions so you can choose the best flashlight to match your needs.

Flashlights & Headlamps

Looking for a torch to mount on to a rifle or shotgun? No problem, we stock many recoil resistant models that are designed for exactly that; 1 inch led torches that with the aid of a mount can be attached to a barrel or Picatinny rail. As standard, our 60-day hassle free return policy* ensures that in the unlikely event that you are unhappy, we have you covered.

  • Viper Special Ops Head Torch Black | UKMC Pro
    Viper Tactical

    VIPER SPECIAL OPS HEAD TORCH | MOLLE Compatible Tactical Headlamp

    Original Price £13.99
    Current Price £11.30
    3 reviews

    A compact and cost effective military head torch with white, red and blue light LEDs The Viper Special Ops Head Torch is a handy little light sou...

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  • Highlander Mira Head Torch | UKMCPro

    HIGHLANDER MIRA HEAD TORCH | Headlamp with Red Filter, 8 Lumens

    Original Price £9.95
    Current Price £8.40
    2 reviews

    A low power head torch for personal lighting use with a red filter The Mira by Highlander is a compact, affordable head torch that is good for mi...

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  • Mil-Tec 200 Lm Tactical Head Torch | UKMC Pro

    MIL-TEC TACTICAL HEAD TORCH | White/Red LEDs, up to 200 Lumen

    Original Price £9.99
    Current Price £7.37

    A compact tactical head torch with white and red light options and up to 200 lumen power This Tactical Head Torch by Mil-Tec offers both white an...

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  • Nextorch UL10 Flashlight | UKMCPro

    NEXTORCH UL10 | Hands-Free, AAA, Multi-Purpose Clip Light, 65 Lumen

    Original Price £10.99
    Current Price £9.10
    2 reviews

    A compact hands-free torch that provides up to 65 lumen of light The Nextorch® UL10 flashlight is a lightweight and compact hands-free lighting ...

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