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10% Off Hoodies & Fleeces 🎅🎄🤶 Use code: FL10 at checkout
10% Off Hoodies & Fleeces 🎅🎄🤶 Use code: FL10

Shooting Ear Defenders & Earplugs

At UKMC Pro, your foremost UK based Army Shop, we provide ear defenders & ear plugs are designed for professional users such as military, police & security but also widely used for hunting, airsoft or anyone working in a loud environment. With top brands such as 3M Peltor & Radians, you can rest assured that our complete range of hearing protection & ear protectors has been field tested and proven to provide high levels of performance. Military headsets that have been specifically designed for tactical use; Shooting ear plugs & noise cancelling ear plugs that are great for using on the range or even just in bed if your roommate snores.

Ear Protection, Hearing Protection

When it comes to your senses, there are not many more important than your hearing and ensuring that your ears are protected against loud noises is vital. Damaging your hearing not only affects your work life but also your personal life too; Never take risks. As standard, our 60 day hassle free return policy* ensures that in the unlikely event that you are unhappy, we have you covered.