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Cord, String, Bungees

  • Bungee with Hooks | UKMCPro
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    BUNGEE CORD WITH HOOKS | Elasticated, Sold Individually, 5 Lengths

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    Top quality bungees made for professional users such as the military but also great for cadets, camping, home use, garden and much more. To tie dow...

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  • Webbing Strap (Per Metre) | UKMCPro
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    Webbing Strap (Per Metre)

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    Versatile Sold per meter SKU: 381190 Delivered in one-piece; If 2 metres or more are ordered, the strap arrives in one length of the required am...

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Paracord, String & Bungees

What is paracord? A lightweight nylon kernmantle rope originally used in the suspension lines of parachutes. This versatile cord is now also widely used for a large number of other tasks and considered to be the best general purpose utility cord by both military personnel and civilians. Soft to the touch thanks to the high number of interwoven strands and fairly elastic due to its 100% Nylon construction.

Parachute Cord

Current technical standards for the manufacture of cord for use in parachutes are published by the Parachute Industry Association. The US military MIL-C-5040H standard required the material to be nylon. Similar styles of cord are also manufactured with other materials such as polyester but the quality and strength does suffer as a result of the change from Nylon. Our range of paracord or parachute cord has been created for professional users such as the military but are also great for camping, hiking, survival, bushcraft and much more. Many cords like to call themselves paracord but at UKMC you can be sure you're getting the real thing; Made in the USA in 100% nylon with resistances up to 250 kg!