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Chest Rigs & Tactical Vests

In need of a chest rig or assault vest? Our large range is sure to provide various options to suit your needs. MOLLE chest rigs that allow you to chose the best layout and configuration for each individual mission and remove the need to own multiples. We stock Modular Chest Rigs that attach to carriers and remove the need to thread MOLLE while also being quick and easy to remove. LEARN MORE

MOLLE Vests & Combat Vests

Our MOLLE Vests & Combat Vests have been designed for professional use but with prices that will also be of interest to airsofters or paintballers. With various styles and layouts stocked, you are able to choose exactly when you require to complete your mision. Available in MTP compatible MTC camo, CCE Woodland Camo and much more.

Assault Vests 

Assault Vests for military or police use from top brands such as Bulldog Tactical Gear, Blue Force Gear much more. Sets supplied with pouches included or buy plain & add your own; Compatible with all other MOLLE gear. As standard, our 60 day hassle free return policy* ensures that in the unlikely event that you are unhappy, we have you covered.

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