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CAO Outdoor Equipment

It all started in 1946 with CAD (Counter Ardennes Designs) which then specialized in the manufacture of tools. With such obvious quality, their special items, crafts items, housekeeping equipment, workshop equipment soon become popular with military and other professional users. LEARN MORE

Outdoor & Camping Equipment

With the creation of the folding shovel pick in 1963, CAD marks an important milestone in its history by expanding into hardware and accessories for camping & hiking. Always listening to its customers, CAD expands its offering over the years by offering products for survival, travel, leisure and outdoor. Today, CAD continues to adapt and has been renamed as CAO Outdoor.

  • CAO Camping Round Head Tent Pegs | UKMCPro
    CAO Camping

    ROUND HEAD TENT PEGS | Dural, Sold Individually, 20cm / 7.9"

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    These CAO Camping tent pegs are made from Dural, a lightweight and tough material. Will be of interest to military professionals but also great f...

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