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Camping Stoves & Outdoor Cookers

There is nothing more important than having a good meal when working or surviving in the outdoors. Our range of camping stoves, outdoor cookers are designed to provide heat quickly and efficiently so you don't have to hang around waiting. Personal Cooking Systems with compact sizes so they can be carried with you while on the move. LEARN MORE

Gas Camping Stoves

With gas stoves, jetboils you can even boil water in just a few minutes for a quick cup of tea or coffee. Our range has been selected for professional users such as the military but will also be of interest to anyone looking for field-tested gear that will not cost the Earth; Ideal for cadets, hiking or just general camping. Compatible with most types of gas canister for convenience and easy sourcing abroad.

Multi-Fuel Camping Cookers

If gas just is not something you require than take a look at our range of Multi-Fuel Camping Cookers from BCB. They work well with Fire Dragon Eco Friendly Fuel and come in sets including cooker, water bottle, cups and more. Ideal for anyone wanting to travel light and use their surroundings to provide for themselves.

  • Fire Dragon Folding Cooker & Windbreaker | UKMC Pro
    BCB International


    Original Price £2.49
    Current Price £1.90

    A multi-fuel cooker and windbreaker for camping use The FireDragon Folding Cooker is a compact and lightweight folding cooker made from aluminium...

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  • Fire Dragon Cooker with Fuel | UKMC Pro
    BCB International


    Original Price £9.99
    Current Price £8.50

    A compact and lightweight folding cooker for camping or other outdoor use. Includes three FireDragon cooking fuel blocks and a Flint & Strike...

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  • Jetboil Zip Cooking System | UKMC Pro

    JETBOIL ZIP COOKING SYSTEM | Fast Boil Gas Camping Stove

    Original Price £89.99
    Current Price £76.90

    A simple and easy-to-use cooking system, featuring the same FluxRing® technology as our higher end systems, without the frills. Rely on Jetboil Z...

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  • Jetboil Flash 2.0 Cooking System Black | UKMC Pro
    Sold out

    JETBOIL FLASH COOKING SYSTEM | Fast Boil Gas Camping Stove

    Original Price £119.99
    Current Price £90.00
    1 review

    Anyone who's been given five minutes rest on a march to fire up some Hexy to brew themselves a tea will share the opinion that there is no better...

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  • Highlander Solid Fuel Hexamine Cooker w/ Tablets | UKMCPro
    Sold out

    HIGHLANDER SOLID FUEL COOKER | Hexi Stove with Tablets

    Original Price £3.95
    Current Price £3.20

    A classic hexi stove with a folding design and supplied with fuel blocks The Hexi Stove is a firm favourite of those looking to keep their pack s...

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  • Sold out
    BCB International

    BCB CRUSADER CUP I | Stainless Steel Camping Mug, 750ml

    Original Price £15.99
    Current Price £12.30

    A high-grade stainless steel cup for use with the British Issue Osprey NATO Water Bottle or similar The BCB NATO Crusader Cup is one of the fund...

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