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CamelBak Military Hydration

Camelbak are an outdoors equipment company based in Petaluma, California, best known for its hydration products, such as hydration packs and water bottles. CamelBak is also a supplier of hydration packs, protective gear, and other products to the U.S. military and law enforcement agencies around the world. Their name has become synonymous with quality due to the long years of service these products have provided.

Camelbak Hydration Rucksacks

Considered by many to be the best military hydration rucksacks available; Made using on the very best materials and techniques to create a pack that not only functions perfectly but keeps on going for longer than the rest. Camelbak are constantly evolving their military rucksacks to match the ever changing needs of their professional customers.

Camelbak Got Your Bak Guarantee

CamelBak® Got Your Bak™ Guarantee: If we built it, we'll Bak it™ with their lifetime guarantee. During this period UKMC will repair or replace the item as we deem required, under advice from CamelBak.