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Serving you for over 26 years 🏆 Low price guarantee, Free delivery on orders £30+
Serving you for over 26 years 🏆 Low prices, Free delivery*

Boonie Hats & Bush Hats

The Boonie Hat was introduced to the United States Armed Forces during the Vietnam War and is still one of best known, most commonly used Military Hats. Need to protect your head from the sun or rain? Then there is nothing better than a Boonie or Bucket Hat; Complete coverage guards against heat and provides shade. Available in various forms including Short Brim & Long Brim Boonies for varying conditions.

Bucket Hats, Men's Sun Hats

Although similar in design to Bucket Hats, Boonies tend to offer more protection against the elements due to their stiffer brims; They also tend to come complete with "branch loops" that were originally intended to add vegetation as extra camouflage. Today the design of the Boonie has hardly changed, OK you do get the odd Tactical Boonie with the addition of Velcro for ID Patches but this is only a minor change really to a time old design that seems unwilling to be beaten. Still the same Chin Strap for added stability when on the move and the classic vent holes to aid airflow & keep you cool. The versatile Wide Brim Boonie Hat lends itself well to a wide range of tasks including Hiking, Trekking, Fishing, Airsoft but also for professional users including Military or other Tactical Units. All held in stock in the UK, our range of Boonies are some of the best you can get; Including Tru-Spec & Bulldog Tactical Gear brands that will not let you down at the wrong time.

  • NEW

    Mil-Tec Waterproof Trilaminate Boonie Hat

    Original Price £8.99
    Current Price £7.42 INC. VAT

    This waterproof boonie hat by Mil-Tec has been created with a trilaminate (three layered) material that keeps out the elements while also still all...

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  • Mil-Tec Classic US Army Boonie Hat | UKMCPro

    Mil-Tec Classic US Army Boonie Hat

    Original Price £6.99
    from £4.80
    2 reviews

    This replica of the now classic US Army Boonie Hat offers superb value for money. Designed for use in hot weather with vent holes located on both s...

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  • NEW Bulldog Tactical Boonie Hat MTC | UKMC Pro
    Bulldog Tactical Gear

    Bulldog Tactical Boonie Hat

    Original Price £8.99
    Current Price £7.65 INC. VAT
    1 review

    The Tactical Boonie Hat by Bulldog Tactical Gear has been created for military or private contractor use. Loop-lined panels on the front and top fo...

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  • NEW

    Mil-Tec Southwestern Rain Hat Black

    Original Price £13.99
    Current Price £11.35 INC. VAT

    This Southwestern style rain hat by Mil-Tec has been created for hiking, fishing and other outdoor sports. Highly water-resistant, windproof and ea...

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