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Bivvy Bags & Liners

Have a browse through our range of bivvy bags and find a number of options to suit your needs. Quality is also never an issue when you have top brands such as Snugpak, Carinthia and Wilsa but in the unlikely event that you do have a problem our 60 day return policy* has your back.

Waterproof Bivy Bags

Performing at your best means needing to be at your best, and nothing is more important than a good nights sleep. Waterproof bivy bags to keep the elements out and ensure you stay warm and dry all night long. Overheating is also not an issue thanks to their lightweight & breathable properties.

Sleeping Bag Liners

Take the comfort with you when you go camping or when your mission dictates a night in the wild. Our range of sleeping bag liners offer options for various temperatures, seasons & environments; Lightweight cotton liners for extra comfort & cleaning convenience, fleece liners for warmth or high tech material liners for performance. All have been field tested and proven fit for purpose.

  • Mil-Tec Fleece Sleeping Bag Liner | UKMCPro

    MIL-TEC FLEECE SLEEPING BAG LINER | With Side Zip, 220cm x 80cm

    Original Price £18.99
    Current Price £16.70 INC. VAT
    2 reviews

    A soft, warm and versatile fleece sleeping bag liner which can also be used standalone This versatile sleeping bag liner can be used as a standal...

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  • Mil-Tec Sleeping Bag Liner Green | UKMC Pro

    MIL-TEC LIGHTWEIGHT SLEEPING BAG LINER | Polycotton, 190cm x 80cm

    Original Price £8.99
    Current Price £8.50 INC. VAT

    A lightweight sleeping bag liner that improves the thermal performance and comfort of your bag This military Sleeping Bag Liner by Mil-Tec is ide...

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