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Base Layers & Thermal Underwear

Whether you need a base layer/thermal underwear to keep you warm or a wicking top/ breathable base layer to keep you dry, we have a solution to your problem. At UKMC, your UK based military shop, we have a great selection of thermal underwear or thermals to regulate your temperature while outdoors for long periods of time.

Hiking & Military Thermals

Everyone knows that layers are the secret to staying warm and good thermal clothing or thermals for men is a must for any professional! Wicking tops also form a big part of most uniforms nowadays; When working outdoors in the heat sweat becomes an issue, this is when our summer base layers come into their own. They work hard at keeping you dry all day long. And with free UK* and BFPO delivery buying your own has never been easier.

  • Pentagon Plexis T-Shirt | UKMCPro
    Original Price £23.95
    Current Price £19.90 (inc. VAT)
    Pentagon Plexis T-Shirt

    ✓ Compression ✓ Moisture Wicking The Plexis base layers are designed to keep you dry and cool all day long while also regulating your body tempera...

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  • Brynje Sprint Light T-Shirt | UKMCPro
    Original Price £29.99
    Current Price £25.90 (inc. VAT)
    Brynje Sprint Light T-Shirt

    ✓ Moisture Wicking ✓ Lightweight The Brynje Sprint Light T-Shirt has been designed to be worn in warm weather up to 20 degrees. A vast improvement ...

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